Why Your Business Could Benefit From Owning At Least One Electric-Powered Forklift

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Why Your Business Could Benefit From Owning At Least One Electric-Powered Forklift

15 November 2016
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Have you been considering adding an electric forklift to your material handling supplies? Perhaps your company or the one you make decisions for has only owned gas powered forklifts. You may wonder how an electric model will benefit your operations. The following are a few things you will likely appreciate about electric forklifts. 

Various Designs

Perhaps one of the things you may appreciate about gas powered forklifts is that they are available in multiple styles and sizes. The same is true for electric models, and they also have heavy weight capacities. You may have concerns about whether or not an electric forklift can handle rough terrain, but there are models that are designed for rough terrain handling. You will also find models that can be used indoors or outdoors. One way to get the most out of your first electric forklift investment is to write down all of the things you need in a new forklift. For example, your current gas models might be big and bulky and not able to fit in tight spaces. Investing in an electric model that can maneuver narrow spaces would be ideal, but you need to ensure that it can perform other duties you require too. 

Fuel Savings

You may have gotten used to putting fuel in your existing forklifts. It is a wise idea to pull a report and determine how much your fuel costs are for the gas models. You might determine that a progressive migration to electric models is a cost effective measure for your company to save capital. 

Improved Air Quality

Your gas forklifts are likely impacting air quality. If you desire a cleaner fuel source, then electric models are ideal. Even if you replace only half of your gas powered forklifts with electric models, you could make your business more environmentally friendly. It is hard for some people to transition from something they are used to using. This is why you might also want to consider a gradual replacement or simply add a few electric models to your existing fleet. Your company may not have had any emissions compliance issues, but if there are future changes in EPA guidelines, owning electric models can be helpful. 

Low Maintenance

Your gas powered forklifts likely require specific maintenance because they utilize petroleum-based products. The gas powered forklifts depend on combustion to operate, and electric forklifts do not. The act of combustion can take a toll on gas forklifts if they are not properly maintained. A forklift supplier, such as Independent Lift Truck Of Alaska, is a good resource to use to discover more ways electric forklifts can benefit your business. 

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