Learn What It Takes To Have Custom Concrete Countertops Created For Your Kitchen

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Learn What It Takes To Have Custom Concrete Countertops Created For Your Kitchen

24 February 2017
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There are many people who want nothing more than to be able to have their home completely customized to their exact liking. An affordable way to customize your kitchen is to have custom countertops created for the space. Use the guide that follows to learn what the process for making concrete countertops entails.

Measurements Need to be Taken

The first thing that will happen is the contractors need to take measurements to determine the size and shape of the countertops. You want to be sure that they are the right size for the cabinets you plan to use in the space. You also need to decide if you want to have an island created or if you would like to have one of the countertops extend to create a breakfast bar in the kitchen.

Create a Frame for the Countertops

The contractors will then create a frame for the countertops. The frame will need to be the exact dimensions for the counters that you want to have created. The frames are typically made from wood to make them easy to dispose of after the concrete hardens.

Add Post Tension Rods inside the Frame

The contractors will then place post tension rods inside of the frame. The rods help to give the counters strength when they harden and ensure that the concrete does not crack or break when weight is put on the counters. The rods are a specific size to ensure that the weight is properly distributed to keep the counters looking as great as they possibly can as long as they can.

Determine the Color of the Countertops

Next, you want to be sure to determine the color that you would like for the countertops. The concrete can be dyed to a color that you feel would best match with the other colors used in your cabinets. It is important to realize that the color will be lighter when the concrete hardens than it is when the concrete is wet.

Once all of the steps listed above have been accomplished, the concrete will be poured into the frame. It will be left to harden for an extended period of time. The time will vary based on how thick the concrete is and the climate where it is being poured. Some areas have higher humidity levels, which can make the concrete take longer to harden. Once it fully hardens, the frames will be removed and the countertops will be installed. To learn more about the process of making concrete counters, contact a company like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC.

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