Flatbed Services and Accessories

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Flatbed Services and Accessories

22 February 2022
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The use of a flatbed will prevent you from needing to leave expensive equipment at a job site. Flatbed services and accessories will aid with keeping your new flatbed in operable order and protected from damage. 

Flatbed Services

Attaching a flatbed to a vehicle that will be used to haul it and installing chains on the tires that are attached to a flatbed trailer are some services that will ensure that a towable bed is ready for use each day. If you haven't hauled heavy machinery before or if your former transport process involved using a covered trailer, some adaptations to your vehicle's towing assembly may be needed.

First, you will need to pick out a flatbed model and research its weight limit and towing capabilities. Next, you will need to speak to a service provider about the towing assembly pieces that you would like installed. If your flatbed trailer will be traversing all types of terrain, choosing to have chains installed on its tires will prevent your flatbed from getting stuck on slick or bumpy surfaces. Chains can be used seasonally, including during the winter or times of the year that are usually noted for heavy rain.

Corner Protectors and a Headache Rack

Corner protectors and a headache rack will prevent damage to your new flatbed. A set of protectors can be secured to the framework that comprises the edge of the bed. They will minimize unsightly knicks and scratches that could occur if your flatbed makes an impact on a vehicle or an immobile object. Corner protectors are designed to slide over the framework and may require the use of fasteners to stabilize them.

A headache rack is a storage device that can be installed along the interior wall of a flatbed. The racking system may be aligned vertically along the edge of the bed that is closest to your vehicle's bumper. By placing items inside of this type of rack, you won't need to be concerned about materials becoming airborne as the flatbed is pulled behind you. This will prevent damage to interior flatbed surfaces.

It will also guarantee that all of the floor space that is within the bed can be reserved for large pieces of machinery that you need to haul to a job site. Rachet straps and tie-downs are some accessories that can be used to stabilize heavy and bulky items that will remain within the flatbed during the transport process.

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